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Domestic Workers Compensation

If you have a regular maid, nanny, senior caregiver, or other domestic help, then you need to consider whether or not you need to carry domestic workers compensation insurance.

Anyone who employs a domestic worker needs to carry domestic workers compensation insurance.

What is Domestic Workers Compensation Insurance?

Domestic workers compensation insurance or domestic workers comp insurance is the type of insurance that you need to carry if you have a maid, nanny, caregiver, or other domestic help.

It is required in most states if your domestic help works more than a set number of hours per week.

Different states have different requirements.

Domestic workers compensation insurance is meant to help protect you from expenses and liabilities that might be associated from a work related accident that harms your maid, caregiver, nanny, or other domestic help.

Having domestic workers compensation insurance is also important if your nanny, caregiver, or other domestic help regularly drives your car or operates any other equipment that you own.

Why Do You Need Domestic Workers Compensation Insurance?

You need domestic workers compensation insurance if you have a nanny, maid, or other employee who provides domestic help.

Domestic workers compensation for your nanny, au pair, maid, senior caregiver, or other domestic help can protect you from significant bills if your domestic employees experience a work-related accident.

Domestic workers are not typically covered under your homeowners’ policy so if you have a nanny, caregiver, maid, or other help, you need domestic workers compensation insurance.

Be aware that a single accident involving your domestic can result in thousands of dollars in medical bills and even lawsuits.

How Do You Choose the Right Type of Domestic Workers Compensation Insurance?

Determining the type of domestic workers comp insurance that you need to carry depends on the type of help that you have.

Do you have a nanny, an au pair, a maid, or a caregiver?

Do they live with you or do they reside elsewhere?

Are they full time or part time? What type of tasks are they expected to perform?

All of these questions and more need to be answered before you purchase domestic workers compensation insurance.

What Type(s) of Domestic Workers Compensation Insurance Do You Need?

Workers compensation insurance rates and workers compensation insurance cost depends on the type of domestic help that you have, the hours that they work, and the tasks they are responsible for.

Most U.S. states require that you carry workers compensation insurance if you have any kind of domestic help like a nanny, caregiver, or housekeeper in order to cover an employee who gets injured while doing the duties of their job.

Domestics workers compensation insurance is well worth the cost. It not only covers the costs of qualifying medical expenses but lost wages as well if your employee is injured during the course of their duties.

If you don’t have domestic workers compensation insurance, you may be personally liable for the employee’s medical bills and other expenses.

Domestic workers compensation costs or domestic workers compensation rates vary by state and insurer.

You can go through any licensed insurance broker in your state to buy a domestic workers compensation policy and most commercial insurance brokers offer them.

You may also see these types of policies being called nanny insurance or caregiver insurance.

What Other Types of Insurance Are Related to Domestic Workers Compensation Insurance?

Umbrella liability insurance is often recommended if you have regular domestic help.

Valuables insurance might also be a good idea if you own fine art, fine jewelry, expensive musical instruments, or other high end items that might not be covered by homeowners’ insurance.

If your domestic help regularly drives a vehicle that you own, you may need to update your auto insurance policy accordingly as well as making sure that they have a valid drivers license.

Contact an ASCO insurance agent now who understands the requirements for domestic workers compensation and your state.